Thursday, September 21, 2006

Breast Enlarger Feeding Fetish

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Mr. Stanley was correcting papers, as I stepped up in front of his desk he didn't look up. "Do you have a question Josh?" He asked.

"Yes Sir."

The black man laughed, "Yeah. Whatever dude. If I remember to tell her." With no further comment, the man hung up the phone.

I could see that it wasn't easy for her, so I tried to help her a bit.

Purity could see that the girl had not been selected for her beauty as she was rather plain, had virtually no figure to speak of and her eyes were just a little too close together. But the Minister was clearly enjoying her attention. While this was going on, several parishioners, crossing themselves, made their way to the front of the church and kneeled down in supplication in front of their Minister and his volunteer. It was then that this part of the service reached its climax, when the Minister carefully withdrew his penis from deep inside the girl's throat and offered it in turn to each of the parishioners, male and female, who were to receive the fruit of Jesus' love in the form of the semen that the Minister had blessed. As each took a small gobbet of semen from the erect penis which was practisedly secreting measured amounts of sperm with tiny little shudders, the Minister placed his hand on their head and said the same thing to each of them which was "Jesus Loves You, Sister." or "Jesus Loves You, Brother."

She moved around so her arse was closer to my face and I could really work on her clit and cunt.

"Erik, untie me please. I want to enjoy you touching me. I promise I'll do whatever you want me to do, just untie me."

She rested her hand on John's arm and squeezed. The waiter discreetly refilled their glasses and took the empty bottle away. "John, it's OK, nothing to get upset about. It often happens, at least with the men I've danced with. To be honest, I like to know I'm dancing with a real man and I think of that automatic reflex as the gallant salute of a gentleman." She leaned over and whispered conspiratorially, "Your Father used to go to the loo and kinda reposition himself down there so it didn't try to poke a hole in his trouser leg, but I could still feel it and enjoy it. Look, I know you liked what you saw this afternoon: don't be afraid to hold and touch the body you saw.



The cocks were all shapes and sizes, some no bigger than my finger and others 10 inches in length. The men ranged in age too, one guy was in his 20's and was very muscular and attractive, with another man who was in is 70's and who was bald and pot bellied. I didn't care, I just loved cock and I wanted each of these cocks in my mouth and cunt.

"All I know is you're unbelievably hot," said Wayne feeling his erection intensely now.

Lauren grinned up at her big brother, and replied, "Now that's what I'm talking about. My body needs sex and you are just the man to give it to me." Then she giggled as Ryan's experienced fingers began to roam across her abdomen, tickling her ever so slightly. He rotated his hands downward ever slowly inching closer to her golden pussy. Once he reached her lips, he kneaded his hands across them, massaging the folds of skin as if they were bread. He moved his hand up towards her clitoris and began to spell out the alphabet on it. But before he got to 'h,' she was thrashing about the bed in and intense orgasm.

"Oh you are already," she moaned. "Just slide your index and forefingers into my pussy."

Now it had to be impossible for the person in the next room not to realize what was going on next door. Knowing that someone was listening to our love-making excited me beyond belief and it must have done the same thing to Carol because she started moaning really loudly. I decided just to go with the moment and pumped her as hard and fast and deeply as I could. Soon Carol was holding on to her stool and groaning loudly as her orgasm roared through her body. That was all it took for me to explode as well. I watched our bodies in the mirror, how they shivered and tensed as we both came.

Action verbs may or may not take or refer to an object. Those verbs that are linked to an object are called transitive: example, He finished the poem. Those verbs that can express an action without a noun are called intransitive: example, The writer quit.

Suddenly, the finger in my pussy was gone and I was pulled away from the two guys groping and kissing me. I turned to see Jan and the other girls pushing a couple of men away from me. They then grabbed me and dragged me out and we ran from the pub, laughing.

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